6 important characteristics to consider in an Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney

fort collins bankruptcy attorney qualities

Look for these 6 qualities as you consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney

One Google search for “Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney” yields a surprising amount of results. Since 2008 many attorneys have begun to practice bankruptcy. The good news: you have lots of choices. The bad news: you have to figure out your best choice.

We understand the process can be intimidating for most people unfamiliar with law. Here are 6 factors that you should consider as you pick an attorney:

  1. Experience: Attorneys lacking experience with bankruptcy cases can make mistakes that can hurt your chances of keeping your assets and getting a fresh start.
  2. Prices: Prices that are too low or too high should be avoided, as either you get low quality service or you get taken advantage of. Strive to find attorneys with mid-range prices.
  3. Personality: Your attorney is your #1 ally in the bankruptcy process. Make sure that you feel comfortable talking with your attorney. The friendlier and more caring they are, the easier your bankruptcy process will be.
  4. Law Firm Size: Large firms have higher costs and overhead, while smaller firms can offer more personalized service.
  5. Free Consultation: This is a standard courtesy that you should expect from any attorney. Never pay for an initial consultation.
  6. Locally Based: National firms are less convenient to work with. Local attorneys offer more convenient service.

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