Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help

Chapter 7  Bankruptcy Basics

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy. Most people who file bankruptcy file Chapter 7 because it is one of the easiest and most adaptable types of bankruptcy. With Chapter 7, the court will require the debtor to relinquish any non-exempt assets so that the court can sell them. After the court has taken any non-exempt assets, the court gives the debtor a discharge of any remaining debt that the court can discharge.

While the court requires that the debtor gives up any non-exempt assets, most of our clients are able to keep their property and still obtain a discharge of their debt. Our Chapter 7 attorney is experience and knows how to help you keep your assets when you file bankruptcy.

Who Should File Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 is very adaptable and so can work for many people in a variety of situations. This type of bankruptcy can eliminate some of the debts that weigh on your shoulders. Some of the most common types of bankruptcy that Chapter 7 discharges are credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, car accident claims, etc.

Many people have used Chapter 7 as a tool to start their financial life over again. You can use this tool to get on the road to financial recovery and as a stepping-stone to a more financially secure life. Our attorneys can help you start the bankruptcy process that will lead you back to a financially stable life.

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